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Timer bug fix and improvements - rookie1 - 12-29-2006

Currently timer is not working correctly when racing against AI. I've fixed this bug and improved the timer class as well. It can now track lap time, last/best lap time of AI cars as well. I've changed the timer box to display AI car's timing. Below is a screenshot.

My feeling is the timer box takes too much screen space. I've not committed the changes because of this. Any suggestions? Or can someone help to create a smaller timer box texture?

[Image: 8_shot002.jpg]

- joevenzon - 12-29-2006

I'd say commit the change. We could make the timer box partially transparent, which should help concerns about screen space. Or, instead, we could make the timer collapse to a smaller display that just shows current lap when you're 5 or 10 seconds away from a sector transition.

- rookie1 - 12-30-2006

Committed. I've already added transparency to the timer box texture.

- joevenzon - 12-30-2006

After playing with this for a bit, it's not really that helpful to see the AI car's current lap, last lap, best lap, etc.... it'd be better if the display was as described here:

- thelusiv - 01-05-2007

I'll make a new graphic this weekend if someone wants to work out the code (I could but still very busy...)