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drift fan here :D - cte - 02-25-2010

sup guys! Big Grin

ive just been browsing the web to see whats going on with other drift games on the pc. i already play rfactor with the mod 'oversteer'. i have not heard of vdrift before and was very impressed to see you guys have been running for 5 years and have over 5000 members... wow!

i am interested to see how this game plays. can anyone direct me to some tasty videos? i can only find pics here.

i have made a few vids in rfactor. if you are interested my latest is here. let me know what you think>

also, here is an older one, but a fave of mine>

also, do you guys run competitions or anything?



- NaN - 02-25-2010

Hi cte, I am glad you found here!

I am new to VDrift, so take my post for what it is worth.
I really wish we had 5000 active users and competition events. The current number of participating/contributing users is more like a half dozen. In my opinion VDrift deserves much more attention as it's a real fun to play and hack.

PS: cool vids by the way Big Grin

- cte - 02-25-2010

ah cool. thanks nan. i searched the web for vids, but did not find many (ones i found did not show drifting, just racing ). :oops: if anyone has some nice vids please post them. Smile i want something to tempt me to download Wink thanks for looking at mine by the way. peace all.

- portets - 02-25-2010

well, it isn't much, but here's a short.

i have no drifting skills as i use this game for normal racing, and i'm in an experimental work in progress car in the video. it doesn't drift well. at the end you'll see me go through a wall, don't worry about that, it's just a bug that shouldn't be present in the latest stable release

RE: drift fan here :D - dongvanhung - 07-25-2017

ah cool. thanks man.

But how can i config this with Vdrift ?