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A few questions and proposals for the developers and artists
04-04-2013, 04:32 PM,
A few questions and proposals for the developers and artists
The game has advanced a lot in the time I haven’t posted around here. The work done is wonderful. I hope I’m not annoying (too late?). I’ve read around the forum and some threads and I’m curious on your opinions on some of my thoughts. So here’s a list of things I’d like to see for game:

1) A car editor which can handle the game's native format like the track editor. I should be simple way to manipulate car models after being modeled in Blender or other program. It should be composed of a simple material library, and it should offer a way to modify the way the car components are connected one to another, a way to define what a component is within the model (suspension-set proper animations, hood-set open/close animation, convertibles, etc.), set LODs, set sounds and their sources in 3d space, light sources.
It should save its changes into the car.ini. It should also let the user chose between different tire sizes, tire types and rim sizes.

2) Make the track editor more intuitive, to handle track parts like legos, and make it easy to set up textures, materials, physical behavior and levels of detail.
It would be great if the tools can just be placed in the game folder and it would be able to browse the game’s components seamlessly.

3) Can I compile a list of cars requested on the forum sorted into categories(F1, muscle cars, super cars etc.), I’ll also point to the specific thread if it isn’t my own request. This will take some time to do so I’ll post it in parts if you’re interested, editing the first post in the thread.

4) Can I compile a list of feature requests and sort them in a milestone way?
5) Is it possible to put tags in the car.ini file, so the game can put the car in its proper categories?

6) Can Vdrift collaborate with other projects (Speed-Dreams, Stunt Rally, maybe even Flightgear for world data to reduce duplicate effort) to share resources like car models and tracks, even if the prefer a different implementation for their sim and rendering engine. Also it would be awesome for future artists to have modeling kits (chassis, interiors, suspensions, engines) for their projects, so they can just skew their required component to their model needs.

7) Shouldn’t we promote the game and look for help on places like reddit? There are lots of programmers there maybe even some artists.

That’s about it for now.

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