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09-03-2005, 06:30 AM,
Please save the options in the home dir of the user and not in the dir runtime.Why? every program needs to save his config files for every user and not systemwideEvery time I update the svn I have conflicts in lists/ and some other files.Thanks if you want to change this
09-03-2005, 11:35 AM,
I second this one. It would also be nice to save more 'last selected' things, for instance now the game remembers what car and camera mode you used last, it would be nice to save the last track and now also the last game mode (free/time trial). There's a lot of other stuff that really needs to go in a user's home directory instead of system dirs. I think this would be best set up this way:<pre>~/.vdrift/settings/cars~/.vdrift/settings/controls~/.vdrift/settings/tracks~/.vdrift/settings/camera~/.vdrift/settings/game~/.vdrift/replays/*.vdr~/.vdrift/cars/my_car/...~/.vdrift/tracks/my_track/...~/.vdrift/scores/...</pre>the settings directory would contain things that the game already remembers. replays/ contains this user's saved replays and ones he's added (since it would be a pain to download a replay from someone and have to move it to a system directory). The cars/ and tracks/ directories are places for users to put their own cars &amp; tracks or extra ones they've downloaded into the game. scores/ would be the place to put a score file for every track that remembers various best data (top speed, best lap time, etc.).Once this user home dir stuff is in place it would be a lot easier to start moving files from the place you untarred them to system directories.
09-03-2005, 12:17 PM,
I think it is better to store all settings in one single file (a XML file maybe)thus~/.vdrift/settings.xml ~/.vdrift/replays/*.vdr ~/.vdrift/cars/my_car/... ~/.vdrift/tracks/my_track/... ~/.vdrift/scores.xml

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