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Seperate Shaders
07-20-2007, 03:02 PM,
Seperate Shaders
It might be a good idea to have separate shader files for each car. That way all the cars wouldn't have to have the exact same type of reflection, shininess, etc.
07-20-2007, 03:04 PM,
It would be but then again it would be a lot of work also Smile Smile Sad Sad
07-20-2007, 09:46 PM,
The goal is to have one shader, with per-car or per-pixel parameters that can be set in a car-dependent way. For example, you can already change the per-pixel shininess per car through a glossmap (currently only used on the XS, and it's just full glossy on the metal bits and not glossy on the door/hood seams).
04-28-2008, 05:16 AM,
been having an idea for a little while now...
been having an idea for a little while now, and i just got something together for it.

give a car's wheel a regular flat saturation map, and then a very noisy, high-res, specular map. to get a metallic glow effect.

[Image: highresmetallicglow-full;init:.jpg]

here's something i came up with for it. the reason why this seemed an appropriate place to put it is that the specular map had to be very high-res 2048x2048. in fact i think it would only really get the right effect if it were even bigger. or i was using the full 2048 for that part of the wheel. i have a feeling this would be a good approach for lots of rims and even pearl coats. but to do this i think there needs to be a general shader library somewhere that can be called for any vehicle or any track object. this way there could be a single tile-able, super high-res noise map that could be used for anything that has glittery highlights. and it would only take up that 12.5MB of texture memory once.

thinking about the tile-able part: if it could be tile-able 3 ways (so each triangle would get the full texture resolution) that would probably be ideal, could maybe get away with a lower res texture too. actually since it's just a noise texture it might be tile-able 3 ways be default, not quite sure.
04-29-2008, 01:57 PM,
Since it's a noise texture it should already tile fine, and in fact you don't need anything very high res for random noise; you just need to scale the UV coordinates down so that a small random noise texture gets repeated a lot. That would require different UV maps for specular maps versus diffuse maps, which currently isn't supported, or custom shader code to automatically scale the UV coordinates. Do you see what I mean about scaling the UV coordinates and using a small texture instead of using a huge texture?
04-29-2008, 05:29 PM,
oh yeah, totally. setting the uv coords to something greater than one. didn't think of that. i haven't tried to tile a noise texture before but it does seem like it would work out (hopefully on the diagonal-cata-corner line you wouldn't see any strangeness).

i was sorta thinking, at first to do that test with what already available in code at the moment, and the quickest way i thought of was a way-high res specular map to give an example of what i'm thinking of. and then wanted to see if you (and other programmers) think it'd be a good approach to get that sparkley rim look...also for metallic body colors, and maybe with an rgb specular map pearl coats and flip-flop colors.

if it does sound like a good idea then it could be a type of general purpose shader, that gets applied across a wide range of cars, parts, and tracks.

but anyways: i read your post on the front and figure all this stuff is probably back seat to the refactor. let me ask though, if i(we) should post all our big dream-feature requests to the refactor news post. so you can consider the implementation of those for the refactor...or if i(we) should make a forum thread for all that big dream stuff...or if i/we should keep out big mouth(s) shut and let you do your thing.

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