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What is and how to make a colliion.joe file
07-15-2007, 10:18 AM,
What is and how to make a colliion.joe file
My new scaled F1 bumps around the world and doesn´t like to stand still on the ground. :-)

So i tried to make a new collision.joe, but there is no description how the collision-box should look (F1 has freestanding wheels: Box around the car-body? Much greater than the complete car?) and how to make it.

I made a box with triangles only in blender and exported with "".

Do i need with the ""-Script? Where can i find it?

Could there another reason, that make the car spring around?
07-15-2007, 11:46 AM,
The export-all version of the script generates the same format but has an option to export multiple objects (for a track). You don't need it for exporting the collision box.

If you look through the VDrift art repository, some cars have the collision boxes in them (although they may be hidden on another layer). Basically, you just want a big box shape that roughly is the shape of the car. The trick to making the car not bump around all over the place is to make the bottom of the collision box not start until at least half way up the wheels. If the box goes too close to the ground, then the car collides constantly with the ground and it jumps around like that.

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