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Things that worked before but now don't
09-09-2007, 12:49 PM,
The collision box is literally a box that's modeled in blender and lines up with the body. You just have to load up blender, edit the box, and then export it as collision.joe

I did more testing on bumps today. VDrift does 3 types of collision checks: collision of the body against the track mesh (to collide with walls, for example, although it can also collide with anything else, including the asphalt), collision of the tire with the road curves (to make the roads nice and smooth to drive on; this is what's traced out in the track editor), and collision of the tire with the track mesh (this is only done if the tire doesn't collide with the road curves, and is in use whenever you're driving over part of the track that isn't the road). Let's call those 1, 2, and 3, respectively. I tested with no 1 and just 2 & 3, just 2, and just 3, and the bump in laguna seca is still there, and still at the same spot. With 1 off, the car appears to pitch downward so the front of it is going through the road for a split second. This doesn't upset the car too much, although it's really distracting. With 1 turned on, when you go over the bump, the collision box doesn't allow the front of the car to go through the road and so it pushes the car into the air. When the car rights itself a split second later, you're in the air, and that's what causes the bigger "bumps" when 1 is on versus off. I'm not 100% sure what the root cause is, but because the bumps seem to originate from the fact that the car decides to re-orient itself for a split second, I'm beginning to suspect it's a vamos issue.
09-09-2007, 02:41 PM,
Vamos physics objects internally store rotation with a three-matrix. Over time rotation matrices will drift away from orthogonality due to floating point round-off and so they need to be orthonormalized every so often. It doesn't look like vamos does this, so I added orthonormalization after every matrix rotation. It's checked into SVN in R1843. I did a couple of test runs around Laguna Seca and I didn't see any bumps, although sometimes that happened before, too. Anyway, let me know if this did or didn't affect the bumps for all of you.
09-19-2007, 03:58 PM,
I think this bug was already mentioned, but its not in your list:

On some tracks you see purple lines around the scenery. I guess it has something to do with alpha blending, means that this are pixels that you should be able to see partially through and its not implmented in cinegraph right now.
11-24-2007, 01:38 PM,
I moved this to the sourceforge issue tracker:

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