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compiling with visual studio
06-29-2007, 09:43 AM,
compiling with visual studio
Hi, i'm working to a school project and i have to compile vdrift with visual studio. I haven't enough experience and i need some help, if is possible. At the end if it works correctly, i can give it to anyone that is interested. Smile
I have downloaded the soure code from the site because the svn don't works. Then i have created a new project and i have imported the .cpp and .h files.
I have tried to compile but there are some errors that i don't understand:

1) the compiler tell me that it need the library "definitions.h", but it there wasn't in the source package, where i can find it? What are the functionalities of this library?

2) I have a lot of errors in the file "gl.h", errors like: "error C2146: syntax error : missing ';'". I have seen in the forum that i have to download an SDL package, i have downloaded it and insert the files (.h) into the project folder but nothing change. What i have to do?

Some one could help me or tell me something that i have to know to compile the source code with visual studio?

thanks a lot.
06-29-2007, 10:15 AM,
There's a forum thread dealing with compiling on windows with Dev-C++:

While it won't be exactly the same process, it should give you some clues. For example, a Fri Apr 27, 2007 7:45 pm post tells you what to put in the definitions.h file.

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