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Wont be working on Vdrift for a bit. Heres my M3
05-18-2007, 11:10 AM,
Wont be working on Vdrift for a bit. Heres my M3
Long story short, I quit my job and have no fresh one lined up. So I have to clear out my laptop and since Ive done all my vdrift stuff on here. Here is the culmination of my few weeks of work.

The contents are a few extra skins and my info file for the M3. The M3 is a real 100% accurate suspension setup minus things like suspension placement (the dimensions and stuff) but the spring rates and camber/caster settings are true to life on the suspension I run.

The tires are set for full on fast/easy drift. They might be a little rough since ive been messing with it. The rears are good, you can just copy those settings to the front. HP is true to life calculations off of a regular non M3 model which actually is more hp than the M3. The LSD is NOT right. It should be a 4.10 lsd but that totally messes the car up. The regular 3 series is a 3.73 lsd which still isnt right.

Oh and i know the steering isnt right. its actually around 29 instead of the 60 or so I gave it. it was just for testing and the fact that the sensitivity settings wont hold

Everyone download this! I hope its the basis for the final model.

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