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Autopackage support (binaries for Linux)
08-10-2005, 02:53 AM,
Autopackage support (binaries for Linux)
charlieg Wrote:If an autopackaged app doesn't run on your machine then it's a bug with either Autopackage or the app itself and you should report it as such.
No, that's not necessarily true. There are setups which autopackage simply cannot handle by design, and you either need customized binary packages or build from source (e.g. different architectures). In fact, from what I have seen and read so far, I haven't found anything in autopackage that you couldn't do with apt/rpm as well. Is there?
charlieg Wrote:To say that developers should provide support for all distributions directly is ludicrous, as is saying distributions should include support for every app out there (games are apps too).
That's of course never going to happen, but projects usually directly support only few distributions anyway and rely on the community to provide additional packages. That's fine. As elusiv said, packages specifically tailored for one distribution will always be first choice, and distributions will always make native packages for software they (their users) really care about. At least until some grand unified package manager comes along that combines all the advantages of all packaging systems currently in use.
charlieg Wrote:What distro are you using such that binary packages have 'no hope' on your machine?
The foundation is some old Suse release (5.something, IIRC), with lots of additional stuff. The main issue with most binary packages are the old versions of glibc and gcc used there.

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