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Autopackage support (binaries for Linux)
08-09-2005, 12:37 PM,
Autopackage support (binaries for Linux)
fizz Wrote:It's just when people try to take autopackage as a reason to not provide any native packages that it's starting to itch.
Well there's no point to using autopackage if you provide native packages. Using 1 is easier than providing rpms, debs, ebuilds, and whatever other formats are out there. If an autopackaged app doesn't run on your machine then it's a bug with either Autopackage or the app itself and you should report it as such.The whole point of Autopackage is to make peoples lives easier. The developers only have to provide one solution, the distributions don't need to include and support things directly. To say that developers should provide support for all distributions directly is ludicrous, as is saying distributions should include support for every app out there (games are apps too). There are only so many volunteers and so much volunteer time.What distro are you using such that binary packages have 'no hope' on your machine?

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