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Autopackage support (binaries for Linux)
08-09-2005, 10:14 AM,
Autopackage support (binaries for Linux)
fizz Wrote:Sorry, but that's bollocks. Autopackage isn't the solution.
Well I did say 'tools like Autopackage' but in your desire to imprecate my point you obviously didn't bother to read to the end of my comment.Autopackage may not be the total solution but it is, as you say, a step in the right direction and attitudes do need to change if further steps are to be taken. People can't be afraid to install something that is not officially packaged with their distribution. And, truth be told, most people (especially those installing games) don't have such a narrow minded attitude. Many games (Enemy Territory for example) are not packaged natively."Try it, you might be lucky" is just ludicrous. You'll find the autopackages out there work just as often as the native packages do. Just people like you write it off without having tried it. And, to be honest, I see plenty of problems with native packages in the forums I frequent (Gentoo &amp; Ubuntu), and have only ever seen 'hey that was easy' comments about autopackaged applications (although since far fewer people use them currently, it's not a fair comparison).Try Inkscape or <a href="">Scourge<a> as an autopackage. They'll work just fine.Autopackage would make VDrift available to more end-users with very little hassle for either the VDrift developers or distribution developers.

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