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Autopackage support (binaries for Linux)
08-09-2005, 08:14 AM,
Autopackage support (binaries for Linux)
charlieg Wrote:
FFuser Wrote:Read also: another method: should make it more simple to create .deb or .rpm (or other) packages
Don't forget that Ubuntu .deb and Debian .deb don't always work nicely together, and RPM hell is a well documented affair.The whole point of autopackage is that you don't need to create .deb or .rpm packages. Just one format for the VDrift crew to create, and then autopackage does the hard work of supporting the popular (and not so popular) distributions.
Ok I agree, but some people want only to install native packages and not autopackages (they do't know it or they don't trust it)And I agree that an autopackage for vrift may comeThe only thing that I say is that I would like to see that you can install as most others opensource software for linux (some crossplatform others not) in prefix/bin/vdrift and the data in prefix/data/vdriftOnly If this is achieved you can create native .deb and .rmp packages and autopackagesfrom the site of autopackage"only packages that are relocatable,which means that it must be able to find its data files no matter where the binary is, and data paths must not be hard coded into the binary."

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