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Cars and Tracks
08-01-2005, 10:24 AM,
Cars and Tracks
I don't know if you know about Racer. A "simulator car game"? I don't like racer because too much errors and bad physics and it is not Open Source. But it have too much developers developing cars and tracks. You can take a look there and view if some of that cars and tracks are free and open source. So you can download a lot and modify. Than can help some. Of course, if that are open source. I like Open Source too.The cars and track page: http://www.racer-xtreme.comJust in past time I was think about developing a car game. Not only game, just some as Need For Speed but with a nice reallistic and IA, and of course multiplayer network possibility. But now, I see VDrift and I like it! really. When I got free time I will contribute with code, or models, or some. I'm a developer. I'm not expert in 3D but I know some and I like the cars too. I'm some expert in sound editing and capturing. I like too much the sound and I'm a music maker too.Ok, you will see about me here in a days... TongueFor now bye!!"

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