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Another idea... Track Statistics
11-07-2006, 03:10 PM,
Another idea... Track Statistics
I'm finding that it would be nice to have a record of the fastest lap time per car saved in the track data between vdrift sessions.

Say I can do the 'Ring in about 10:45 in the XS, it would be nice to have that to shoot for as a target when I'm driving the XS - even when starting out from a standing start. If another car can do it faster (say CO at 9:25) then that should be displayed as well.

Something like the existing timer, current lap time, best lap time (ever, with car noted), best lap time with this car.

Make it a plain text file to keep the coding simple OR have an interface to cnnect to a database somewhere (local or network).

Maybe there is a better mechanism to centralize stats?

Just an idea. Smile
11-08-2006, 12:01 PM,
This is definitely something we'd like to do but it is totally pending on Player Profiles. I'd like to see all this data stored associated with a given Player, so that you can then look at a given player's statistics. Other things I'd like to keep track of is max and minimum speed, and some other stuff...
11-08-2006, 01:29 PM,
Another way-out idea...

Link local copies of vdrift to this web site via LDAP auth or similar mechanism so that your track stats/career is on this site as well.

I got a million ideas. Never said any would be practical though. Wink
11-08-2006, 01:39 PM,
That's an idea I've toyed with too, but I'm thinking I might make it a separate site. Not sure yet, but it might make sense.

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