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Automatic transmission
11-12-2006, 01:07 AM,
cotharyus Wrote:FE: <snip> if you jump on the gas at the right (wrong?) time as this happens, you can peg the RPM's in second gear, and it won't shift to third until you let the RPM's drop back below the shift point.
This problem could be due to the code in up-shift condition check
// shift up when engine speed exceeds peak speed
                        if( ( GetCar(CONT_PLAYERLOCAL)->car->engine()->rotational_speed() > peak_engine_speed ) &&
                          ( GetCar(CONT_PLAYERLOCAL)->car->engine()->last_rotational_speed() <= peak_engine_speed ) &&
                            ( current_gear <GetCar>car->transmission()->forward_gears() ) )
Maybe removing the check of last_rotational_speed against peak_engine_speed could solve this problem.

This check was there because originally i found after up shift, engine speed did not immediately drop to below peak_engine_speed, so the up shift is triggered again and again. However, i have commented out this line from the latest svn version, and i couldn't re-produce this problem. So it might be safe to remove this line now.
11-12-2006, 04:21 AM,
rookie1, you're right, this fixes the missed upshift problem well. I've checked in this, plus I've also doubled the down shift "pad" value that is subtracted from the "optimal" downshift point, so downshift points are a little lower than they were. Also, I made it so it won't shift down to first gear unless it's below 2000 RPM. For the few cars I've tested, I think these things fix the "downshifting in a corner" problem pretty well. All this is in SVN r1339.

Playing a little more I see that on certain cars it still does way too much downshifting (on others it's not so bad). For instance there are lots of areas where the T73 will downshift from 3rd to 2nd, but it should really just stay in 3rd. Maybe it's a good idea not to downshift while turning. Yet another more complex idea is defining auto-shift points for each car's gears in the car's config file. Other ideas?

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