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4x4 possible w/ vdritf/vamos?
11-03-2006, 12:29 PM,
4x4 possible w/ vdritf/vamos?
Are 4x4s possible to model within vdrift?

I see several things that make them distinct from cars, whether these things are possible to emulate in vdrift I dunno. Here's the main differences:

- low range transfer case. Basically a multiplier or two that reduces gear range by a certain amount. Modern Jeeps (note capitalized "J" versus low "j") are typically 2.72:1. Custom stuff can have multiple transfer cases (2.72 feeding into a 4:1 for example). New key press of another "transmission mode"? You can kinda fake it out by doing something like

[ transmission ]
gears = 10
gear-ratio-r = -3.416
gear-ratio-1 = 9.395
gear-ratio-2 = 5.296
gear-ratio-3 = 3.716
gear-ratio-4 = 2.644
gear-ratio-5 = 2.007
gear-ratio-6 = 3.454
gear-ratio-7 = 1.947
gear-ratio-8 = 1.366
gear-ratio-9 = 0.972
gear-ratio-10 = 0.738
shift-delay = 0.05

where 1 through 5 are low range multipled by 2.72 and 6 through 10 and the normal gears but then you don't have a low range reverse gear.

- 4x4 mode versus AWD. Basically, locked center differential between the front and rear axles. Most Jeeps are 4x4 when not in 2wd although some have 2wd, awd and 4x4.

- solid axle coupling of wheels from side to side. From what I can tell by looking at the *.car models each wheel is independent. Not what you want in a 4x4. It appears that vdrift can handle large suspension movements though. Modified long armed Jeeps are probably in the 18-24" range per side for suspension travel.

- fully automatic transmissions (my preference - although the Jeeps I am into can be setup with paddle shifters [XJ w/ AW4]). Did I miss it? Is there a way to have a fully auto tranmission in vdrift?

- windshield wipers; see "debris" below why this might be considered important.

- locking diffs - this would be different from an anti-slip setting as it can either automatically switch instantly from from 0.0 to 1.0 (Detroit locker) or a key press could control that (ARB locker). could probably live with a really high ant-slip setting I suppose.

Then there's the issue of "tracks". Is there a way to emulate:

- mud (variable surface friction?)

- deep water

- rock ledges

- large boulders

- flying debris like mud, water, gravel - different "smoke" type?

This last item might be considered superflous but to plant a little seed again... In network and/or career mode it might be neat to have a statistic model added to the car for wear, tear and/or luck. If you did that then the types of things that could fail could be engine seals, coolant lines, etc. As you are racing with someone, if the guy ahead of you has some bad luck and dumps oil or black smoke out the back of the car you might need to be able to deal with it (wipers, evasive maneuvres, etc.).

From the couple of embankments that I've launched cars up it appears that the ledge and boulder can be modelled. Will the software be able to allow a tire making contact with a vertical face and lift the front of the vehicle up? I tried doing the wheel up the telephone pole trick under the stands on one of the tracks but it didn't seem to work. Or are the stands a different type of obstacle?

Just some random thoughts. I'm content with building cars for what exists already but I thought I'd put this out there for discussion. I REALLY wish I had kept up with coding. It's been almost 20 years since I've done anything more advanced than sh/php scripting. Sad
11-04-2006, 12:46 PM,
Most of these things are not currently supported and would be fairly difficult to add in a realistic way, unfortunately.
11-04-2006, 04:14 PM,
As you might have guessed some of the things you've described are possible, others are not, but could be with a some modification to Vamos. Other things like variable friction surfaces would be possible through modifications to VDrift. All of these things together would take some time, but if someone were to fork VDrift into a rock-climbing game, I'm sure it could get done...

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