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Benchmark mode
11-03-2006, 04:58 AM,
Benchmark mode
Someone (maybe Joe, maybe me) had started coding a -benchmark command line option and not finished. I just checked in changes that finish the code. Now if you run
vdrift -benchmark
the game will run, load the replay ~/.vdrift/replays/benchmark.vdr, and then play it. When it's done the game quits and prints out the total playing time and average framerate on the console.

No controls work during the replay playback except for ESC, which immediately quits the replay. Soon I'll set it up so you can specify which replay to benchmark with instead of hard-coding the filename.

Please test and tell me what you think...
11-05-2006, 04:40 AM,
There's a problem with this that I can't figure out. When you start a replay in benchmark mode it displays at the bottom of the screen that it is playing from about 2% into the replay. Normally replays seem to start at 1% (shouldn't they start at 0%, unless they're very short?)...also, when the benchmark mode starts the replay, for a brief moment when the replay is playing, some portion or maybe all of the track does not appear, only to reappear shortly.

The code I added starts a replay in the pretty much same way that it's done in the menu, yet it doesn't do quite the same thing...why is this? Joe, any ideas?

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