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quaternary control settings bug
07-19-2005, 11:25 PM,
quaternary control settings bug
I'm not sure what exactly causes this but here's what happened. I compiled the latest VDrift, played a little with the keyboard to see how it was. Then I hooked up my gamepad and added it to the control settings, this worked fine.Then I got out my wheel and hooked it up (gamepad still hooked up too), restarted the game and added it to the control settings alongside the other two sets of controls (as best I could, had to overwrite the engage clutch entries for the gamepad). When racing after this, the clutch would engage very briefly when shifting and then disengage again. I'm wondering if maybe the addition of quaternary controls (and setting them) is related.I quit the game, unplugged the gamepad and the wheel, and then plugged the wheel back in. I calibrated it and started the game again. Then I cleared out all the settings in the controls, and added only the wheel settings (with some F keys for things I didn't have buttons for). From then on the steering wheel shifted fine.I'm not sure what caused the difference, the fact that I had two joysticks configured and plugged in or what.
07-20-2005, 01:18 AM,
quaternary control settings bug
The quaternary controls has nothing to do with it; the game actually has no concept of quaternary controls. It just has a big list of controls and you could have an infinite number of buttons mapped to one function if you were so inclined; the concept of "quaternary" is just for display purposes.As for what causes that bug, I'm not totally sure, but having multiple controllers (i.e. multiple joysticks and keyboard) bound to the same control can cause problems with one overriding the other (even when it's not doing anything, in some cases). This is a known shortcoming and is pretty low priority... just unbind the controls you're not using.

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