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Post 10/6 release things to do
10-10-2006, 10:50 AM,
Post 10/6 release things to do
Here's the list of remaining things to do:
  • Simple car parts menu
  • All tracks need proper friction and bumpiness settings
  • Player Profile + multiple lap times
  • Original tracks: parking lot, dirt/rally track
  • Working in-dash gauges
  • Per-car custom gauge textures
  • A new skin

edit #1000: warning: this post has been severely altered and may explode.

  • Make Options -> Display -> Anisotropic Filtering do something if the user's card supports it
  • Make controlgrab widgets able to be set to accept only one setting, and set up gas, brake, steer left and steer right to only accept one control setting
  • Remove "control profile" from Options -> Controls menu
  • Add anti-aliasing option
  • Add button control delay option
  • Add ABS & TCS
  • Move touchiness compensation out of joystick options and into general control options
  • Multiple Replays
  • Fix some bugs preventing network games from working as they used to
  • Fix camera panning controls
  • Error screen to catch simulation errors instead of hanging/crashing
  • Benchmark mode (run "vdrift -benchmark" to play a replay and get average framerate)
  • New engine sound for XS
  • Fixed line in middle of screen bug
  • Added an option for automatic transmission shifting
  • Fixed transmission and engine settings for FE
  • Error screen on falling off map
  • New track: Jarama
  • Track updates: Le Mans
10-10-2006, 07:55 PM,
Where are you finding a Joystick Sensitivity option?

Also, if anisotropic texture filtering is enabled in the menu, it's used at the card's maximum supported level. It has been functional since the 7-8 release.
10-10-2006, 08:31 PM,
By Joystick Sensitivity, I meant Joystick Touchiness Compensation...

Currently the anistropic filtering option in the menu does nothing. I'd like to hook it up to the cardinfo class to turn it off or change the level of filtering. Is there a way to get the cardinfo class to report the max level of ani. filtering and whether or not it's supported by the card?
10-10-2006, 08:48 PM,
Ah, the Touchiness Compensation applies to any control, that's correct. Maybe it should be moved out of the joystick options menu?

I see what you mean now about the anisotropic filtering -- the menu isn't hooked up to anything. Anisotropic filtering is supported, though, and it's used at the maximum supported level automatically since the 7-8 release. If you want to make the menu turn it off or grey out the option if it's not supported, it's not hard -- catch me on IRC.
10-11-2006, 12:44 AM,
Alright, the Anisotropic Filtering menu option is now fully functional. Users can select "Off", or 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, ... up to the maximum level of anisotropic filtering their card supports.

It would make a whole lot of sense to me to also make a setting for anti-aliasing. Would it be hard to add this to the cardinfo class, Joe?

edit: also now gas, brake, steering controls only allow one input to be set to them (r1262).
10-23-2006, 01:48 AM,
There is now an antialiasing option in Options -> Display menu. The options available right now are only Off, 2x, or 4x. The maximum available on the card is not detected - however it's possible we could make a way to detect it by trying to create windows using different antialiasing settings and seeing which ones work and which fail (edit: here's a little SDL C code that does something like that). The default is antialiasing off, and cards that do not support antialiasing will only have the option of "Off" in the menu. This is in SVN r1275.
10-25-2006, 09:25 PM,
I'd argue it's not worth trying to detect all of the various settings... people usually set up antialiasing in their driver. Plus, many cards have multiple antialiasing options for one sampling level, and I don't see where that code would handle that situation.
10-29-2006, 06:29 AM,
I think there is an OpenGL setting (at least on NVIDIA cards) something like "_GL_FSAA" which can be set to a value like:
0 = off
1 = off
2 = 2x bilinear
3 = 2x quincunx
4 = 4x bilinear
5 = 4x, 9-tap gaussian
6 = off
7 = off
8 = 8x

but I'm not sure how well it works across cards, for old/new cards or for ATI, Intel, etc. cards. Plus there's the whole mess of setting up windows and destroying them until an error for now I'd agree and say autodetecting FSAA levels is not worth it.

Lots of changes so far this weekend, including improvements to button control response with the Button Control Delay option, ABS and TCS, and some possible networking improvements.

Just now I added preliminary support for recording and playing back multiple replays. It is mostly working, the biggest problem is that when a new replay is recorded, it doesn't become available to play back in the menu until the game is restarted. I'm working on fixing this...
10-30-2006, 12:44 AM,
Now camera panning has been fixed, replays now are added to the menu when they are recorded, and I have fixed all the little bugs I could find. Joe has vastly improved the ABS algorithm but now it is clear that some of the cars need better brake values (many of them have brakes that are too weak). There are still some bugs in TCS, for instance in a very powerful car like the XM or the AX2, TCS will kick in when shifting to the top gear, and prevent you from accelerating for a few seconds.

Also today Joe found some Network Game menu bugs which I fixed, the game was not saving the server IP for clients, when they tried to connect, making it broken...we've done some more network testing, and now net games are working again, but still not very well - the games usually time out after a minute or less.
10-30-2006, 05:55 AM,
sorry this is very out of the subject but would it be possible to get a downloadable version of the Doxygen documentation ? thanks
10-30-2006, 10:35 AM,
Nigo Wrote:sorry this is very out of the subject but would it be possible to get a downloadable version of the Doxygen documentation ? thanks
Sure, a tarball is here:

Note to self: Fix network game pause menu (don't allow pause during net game, just present a "leave game" function)

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