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First impressions of vdrift
09-17-2006, 04:07 PM,
Thanks for your interest and I'm glad you like the game. To touch on a few things you mentioned:

Menus: you don't like my graphics :cry: just kidding, I know they suck. I've set up a skinning system for the next version so hopefully that will encourage someone with a little more time/skill to step up and improve the graphics. I'm glad you like our glut of options though, we like to let the user control just about every aspect they could possibly want to.

Physics: the physics engine we use is actually quite complete. The problem is that for many of the settings for our car properties we have no idea what the values should be, nor do we have any way to get them. We're always trying to make the cars act more realistically but it's very difficult because in some cases we are blindly changing things and can only test the result and try again.

Graphics: we won't take responsibility for this since most of our cars and tracks were imported from other games. We will add things like moving steering wheels and car dials as we get to them. Right now we have bigger goals to meet in terms of gameplay development.

Sound: again this is a lack of good people who have good equipment and time to focus on creating sounds.

On to your requests...
New menu design: waiting on someone to submit a nice set of graphics Smile

New tracks: our track editor needs some work before we'll see many original tracks. Currently it's not easy for us to edit the tracks we have before importing them. In time however we'll hopefully address this stuff by having a more robust track editor.

Cars: again we're working on this. Many of the cars have more graphics than are being used. In the meantime we'll keep putting the best-driving cars into the minimal data package and every single one that is more or less complete and somewhat drivable that people submit into the full data package.

As for selling the game...we're programmers not marketeers! Smile We'll do our best to make the game the way we'd like it to be, and meet people's requests if we like them, or add people's features if they're good. We'll keep advertising new versions on various web sites. Beyond that, the game will have to sell itself!

You're very correct that we need people. That's right, you reading at home...only you can prevent forest fires.

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