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Keyboard/D-pad input
07-11-2005, 12:51 AM,
Keyboard/D-pad input
My gamepad has a mode button that turns on the D-pad instead of the left analog stick. This makes it send regular axis data instead of button presses. I can steer OK with it, I made this replay. I have to tap the arrows and it's hard to say if touchiness compensation has any effect (I tried but couldn't tell).Once keyboard input filtering is in place, might that filtering also work for directional pads on game controllers? Also if someone assigns joysick buttons to brake, gas, left & right steering or all, can they benefit from whatever keyboard input filtering there is?In other words, can it be playable with a SNES controller?
07-11-2005, 09:51 AM,
Keyboard/D-pad input
Touchiness compensation won't have any effect in that case, because the way that works is to do value = value*value*value (the settings vary the power value is raised to) which allows you to use more of the initial range for small corrections, but 1*1*1 is still 1 (and likewise for -1).Not having the control type to wheel will help, though, because otherwise as soon as you touch the left button the wheels be all the way left, but set as gamepad, the wheel will start turning to the left instead.I agree that filtering should also work for d-pad cotrollers.

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