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Simulation Mode?
04-15-2019, 10:58 AM,
RE: Simulation Mode?
I was playing today with Ferrari F40 and with this car I feel a more realistic reactions in car. When you press the brake softly, the rear of the car does not lose control so easily. I also try Ferrari 360 Modena (360 in game) , and is very, very difficult to control  when you press brake. With Ferrari Enzo (EF in game) ,the previous effect is not so pronounced, in addition the car takes a lot of time to brake. I recorded a video where you can see the reactions of the F40 in Monza:

From my ignorant point of view (I'm just a player), I think this kind of car reactions should be checked. It is true that there are cars that are much more unstable and difficult to drive than others, but I think that in some cases they are too exaggerated (like Lamborghini Miura SV).  A good starting point can be the Ferrari F40

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