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Simulation Mode?
04-11-2019, 12:33 PM, (This post was last modified: 04-11-2019, 12:33 PM by NaN.)
RE: Simulation Mode?
Despite being called VDrift there is no special drift code in the game.

From my Vdrift coding and experiments realism is a complicated topic.

1. Is the model itself realistic?
To me this starts with the tires (the only thing that keeps you on the road), followed by
suspension, driveline and rigid body dynamics.
VDrift is using a quasi-static tire model. This means tire parameters have been recorded at a certain fixed velocity (like 50km/h) for a range of loads and slip (angles). We essentially assume that they remain the same, which technically is not correct. I've implemented a "physical" tire model that tries to do a bit more, just to understand tire behavior a bit better. It is still a quay-static model, but it has a velocity dependency and uses physical parameters. It is something that could be enabled. But I am not sure how it would affect the AI. Haven't really had the motivation to find out, lol.
I've recently worked on the suspension. Trying to get camber changing with wheel travel depending on suspension geometry. VDrift is still applying tire forces at the wheel axis. This is also something I'd love to address. I've got some ideas, not sure how well they'll work out though.
There are a number of other things that are not particularly realistic. The engine is a simple static torque map for example. I believe tires and suspension have the most effect on realism though.

2. Are the model parameters realistic?
A realistic model is not worth much if your tire, suspension, driveline, canter of mass, inertia parameters etc are not realistic.

3. How do you translate player inputs to make it feel realistic?
Image someone tried to control a real car using a keyboard or gamepad at high speeds. That would not end well.
One particular issue I struggle with in VDrift is steering. When you drive a real car you seldom use the whole steering range, mostly just when parking. In VDrift you'll tend to steer too much which feels weird. I've added a "Steering assist" to limit that, but it is more a band aid than anything else.

You know what would be awesome? If we could somehow get some really detailed telemetry and parameters from a real car. All of the inputs, the state of each wheel, engine, velocities etc, just as much data as possible, to see if I can be replicated in VDrift.

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