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Texture rendering in old VDrift version
08-16-2017, 11:32 AM,
RE: Texture rendering in old VDrift version
Thanks for the ideas.
I did both.
I set in list.txt to alpha rendering, and rebuild the texture file.
I added a bit of "lake like" color to the texture and left a bit of transparency.
If the uv maps for the river bed would have been correct it might have looked better
with higher transparency but what I have is enough for what I need.
One thing I learned is that if alpha is set to lover then 0.7 (30% transparency) the texture is not rendered at all. On the other hand using the same texture and making the same change for the latest version of code renders with the greener color but completely ignores the alpha setting.
If you would like to have the edited texture let me know and I can post it.
My issue is solved, and once again thanks for the help.

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