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05-09-2006, 06:51 PM,
The mouse controls are very hard to use Sad ...does anyone have time to post the basic simple keys to shift/turn etc that i should use...i tried but i cant even get the car to move..and i also wanna know what options are easyer to use..such as auto clutch...pEace
05-10-2006, 12:22 AM,
Well, how do you think the mouse controls could be improved?

Here's a reasonable controls setup for the keyboard:
up arrow => gas
down arrow => brake
left arrow => steer left
right arrow => steer right
page down => shift up
end => engage clutch
del => shift down
s => start engine
n => neutral
spacebar => pause
F1-F8 => camera views
F12 => screen shot

You can even set it up so you don't need the end key to engage the clutch. Just set the engage clutch control to page down "up" as well as del "up". This will cause the clutch to engage when you let go of the shift button.

To play then, just give it some gas, then shift the car into 1st, and then while still giving a little gas press whatever engage clutch button you have set...but careful, the keyboard will give it too much gas so you'll probably spin out. If you're in one of the more powerful cars you might want to quickly shift to 2nd. Even so, you're likely to stall the car, because the keyboard controls really suck that much. :? If the car does stall, just shift to neutral (N) and start the car again with the S key.

It may help to turn the autoclutch on. This just tries to prevent the car from stalling. Imagine the driver's foot automatically pressing the clutch in whenever the RPM drops very low.
05-10-2006, 05:46 PM,
thelusiv Wrote:Well, how do you think the mouse controls could be improved?
as i said in the other thread the mouse controls are also unusable for me...i'll try to re-develop my patch soon ;-)
05-11-2006, 03:10 PM,
Guys I also want to complain just a tiny bit Big Grin
I've got a Microsoft force feedback wheel. It reacts great in all other racing games, but when playing Vdrift it is really really sharp. When I steer 1 cm the cars steer like crazy. I've set touchiness to low, med etc. but that didn't help allot since it creates a deadzone of 25 degrees or so and then the steering begins to work. Maybe this is solved with the new calibration system and all, but until now I play with the keyboard since steering is way to touchy.
Anyway, no worries Smile
05-11-2006, 04:05 PM,
kcid, to use a wheel turn off the deadzone and set your joystick type to steering wheel instead of gamepad. Also you might want to try "900to200" touchiness compensation mode for your wheel, that will make your wheel react more naturally. You might not be able to make a complete turn though, so Low would be the next best touchiness compensation level.

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