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Realistic driving experience
12-09-2014, 03:59 PM,
Realistic driving experience

I'm interested in using VDrift as a driving simulation. I'm aiming at simulating a usual street car on everyday roads.

It is probably is not too difficult to create a racetrack that is similar to a normal road in width and curvature. Do you think it is also possible to incorporate junctions easily or does this require changes to the track format?

The other aspect I would like to ask you about is the behavior of the physics simulation at low speeds. Since VDrift is obviously geared towards racing, I'm wondering how realistic the handling of the cars is at comparatively lower speeds. I'd probably want to start tweaking one of the existing cars to make it much less powerful.

As I understand VDrift uses a variant of the Pacejka magic formula for tire modeling. I have read that the results provided by Pacejka are not very satisfactory at lower speeds.
Maybe someone here can enlighten me if this also affects VDrift, or if there are some counter-measures implemented to correct the forces on tires at low speeds. One thing I noticed is that even when doing nothing, the car (previously standing still) always started to slowly move forward. It only actually stands still when applying the brakes.

Besides trying VDrift I also had a look at TORCS (and its fork SpeedDreams). Personally I do not feel much difference between these two simulations when racing. I learned that while TORCS uses a self-implemented 2.5D-Physics engine (simuV2), VDrift relies on the Bullet library for its physics simulation. However I'm not sure if this also includes the suspension system or if this is again a separate implementation.
I would be especially glad if someone could provide some more information on where the differecences between VDrift and TORCS lie and what kind of philosophy they are following.

Thanks a lot for reading Smile

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