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VDrift Localization on Transifex
08-14-2014, 09:12 AM, (This post was last modified: 08-15-2014, 07:00 AM by CrystalH.)
RE: VDrift Localization on Transifex
Yeah, no. I thought Transifex sorts the string which would be bad.
They are exactly in the same order as in .pot.

I see you actually sort them by name in data/locale/, at end
# write strings
for item in sorted(strings.items()):
No idea if it would maybe look better without that sort ?

But, I really don't see any problems with that .py or generating .pot in VDrift.
It has string occurrences from both source and Gui files which is good.
And well, there aren't that many strings what is 400.
IMO, most important is to actually know the game itself before translating.

Btw. I moved Stunt Rally translations now to Transifex. Is a lot better. Hehe thanks for this topic.
for reference our forum topic:
and our wiki, has some info

@NaN, are you developing on Linux or Windows ?
Either way Transifex client is a good command line tool, that can both
pull new .po translations from their website and push new .pot to it.
The commands for that are: 'tx pull -a' and 'tx push -s'

For reference here is their doc:
And you can check our Wiki section, with some info on how did I setup, was quick actually.

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