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Release soon
02-08-2006, 10:24 AM,
Release soon
We're wrapping up the work in the branches and will be merging them back into the trunk very soon. Here's a rough list of new features:<ul><li>Joe's work on the new track system is pretty complete. There are 3 new tracks that have been imported from<li>My work on the new GUI is about halfway done, but mostly usable. This allows for keyboard, mouse and joystick navigation through the menus.<li>Matthew_I (from VDrift IRC) has developed a new logging framework for better handling of errors, warnings and other messages.<li>There's one new car already, a BMW M3 GT-R (to be dubbed "XM"), which is OK to drive but not perfect. It's possible another new car will be added (kcid's Viper RT-10) before release.</ul>That's not everything - that's just the big stuff. Lots of little things have changed or improved, mostly brought on by other changes in the new menu and tracks systems. I'll try to be more detailed in the release notes.For those of you who maintain ports of VDrift, watch the SVN trunk over the next few days. There are some new parts of the game which have probably not been tested on your operating system or architecture. I know there will be some bugs, so let us know... Smile
02-10-2006, 07:23 AM,
Release soon
Progress on VDrift is impressive. If it keeps up, soon the world will be conquored, evil exterminated, and all odd socks matched into perfect pairs.
02-23-2006, 09:16 PM,
Release soon
Fabulous work folks! This compiled straight up on my AMD64 box without complaint and fired up first time.This new release is already really nice to drive. I've noticed a few very minor niggles - I drove off the edge of one map :-) I drove through a fence and got left outside the track - spectator scaring time :-) And when I started for the first time I hadn't selected a track and I ended up doing 400mph falling through a deep blue sky :-) But frankly, I'm seriously impressed that you managed to get the switch to the modelled tracks completed. A lot of projects get into the first couple of releases, show promise and then hit a nasty and never recover. You hit problems with the heightmap track and overcame then. That is impressive.I'm also stoked that you can convert the racer tracks - that should give you lots of tracks to build from.Great stuff!Cheers,Toby Haynes
02-23-2006, 09:58 PM,
Release soon
The problem with running off of tracks is just due to the way the track is constructed... if you get over the rails, there's nothing stopping you! So, it's sort of up to the people designing the track... road-atlanta is nice and closed, for example. Anyway, hopefully the next release, which will include the new gui system, will smooth out some of the rough edges (like no default track, etc). Thanks for your continued support!

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