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2 Ideas+ Warning
02-03-2006, 03:12 PM,
2 Ideas+ Warning
Hi penguin, you should check out Joe's new track editor branch. I'm not sure how well it would compile on OS X...abs1nth are you listening? To check it out you will need a this FAQ entry. Part of the new track editor includes the dof to joe converter that Joe wrote recently. This is really a whole separate program from the track editor and might need a different build setup...Once you build that, I'm not sure how to run it since there's not much documentation yet. I think it has a -help option or something though... Once you finally get a track imported and want to test it out, you can use the new tracks branch of vdrift. SVN checkout here:<code>svn co vdrift-new-tracks</code>Actually, you might want to start with that, since there are already some tracks being imported into that branch from and pretty playable.

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