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Nightly build crashes on Windows 7
05-02-2013, 04:16 PM,
Nightly build crashes on Windows 7
On Windows 7 64 bit, the game crashes during startup, before the graphics are displayed. I used the data SVN of about 5 minutes ago.

Program version: vdrift-2013-03-28.exe

Here's the log file:

INFO: Starting VDrift: development-full, Revision: latest, O/S: Windows
INFO: Home directory: C:\Users\Beatrice
INFO: Settings file: C:\Users\Beatrice\Documents\VDrift/VDrift.config
INFO: Data directory: data
INFO: Temporary directory: C:\Users\Beatrice\Documents\VDrift/tmp
INFO: Log file: C:\Users\Beatrice\Documents\VDrift/log.txt
INFO: The last VDrift startup was unsuccessful.
      Settings have been set to failsafe defaults.
      Your original VDrift.config file was backed up to VDrift.config.backup
INFO: Disabling antialiasing
INFO: Video card information:
      GL Vendor: Intel
      GL Renderer: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family
      GL Version: 3.0.0 - Build
      Texture units: 8 full, 16 partial
      Maximum texture size: 4096
      Maximum varying floats: 41
INFO: You don't have an NVIDIA or ATI/AMD card. This game may not run correctly or at all.
INFO: Using GLEW 1.7.0
INFO: Maximum color attachments: 8
INFO: Maximum draw buffers (1 required): 8
INFO: Disabling shaders
INFO: Maximum anisotropy: 16
INFO: 0 joysticks found.
INFO: Loading car controls from: C:\Users\Beatrice\Documents\VDrift/controls.config
INFO: Sound initialization information:
INFO: Obtained audio device:
      Frequency: 44100
      Format: 32784
      Bits per sample: 16
      Channels: 2
      Silence: 0
      Samples: 2048
      Size: 8192
      Sound initialization successful
INFO: Loaded fonts successfully
ERROR: Can't find value type "tires" in list of GAME values
ERROR: Failed to load option values.
ERROR: Error loading GUI files
ERROR: Error initializing graphical user interface
INFO: Exiting
Let me know if you need more info.
05-02-2013, 05:03 PM,
RE: Nightly build crashes on Windows 7
The latest nightly is 2013-04-29.
05-03-2013, 08:59 AM,
RE: Nightly build crashes on Windows 7
[Image: smackhead.gif] Thanks!

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