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Game Controls
12-16-2005, 04:09 AM,
Game Controls
So fooling around with torcs a little bit has led me to believe that the current way we handle controls is not optimal. I do like the way vdrift adapts to rapid joystick movments and smoothes them out (makes driving eaiser and more realistic), that is one thing vdrift got right over torcs. What I think we could do differently is the way we for one handle inputting controls, and two the way we handle axis.

I know some of this will change with the menus-v2 branch but I was just wondering where we were currently and what future plans were. My thoughts were that if two commands shared the same axis to automatically map them +/- rather than making the user decide. We could then do calibration similar to torcs where we have the user perform various actions which we interpret properly.

Just some thoughts.
12-16-2005, 10:40 AM,
Game Controls
I'd still like to allow a complex, "advanced" controller setup that would let the user map anything to anything, but chris and I have also discussed a basic setup (or perhaps a setup wizard) that would allow a user to simply and quickly get basic controls set up.

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