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maybe a modular simulator engine for low end hardware?
10-11-2011, 01:17 PM,
maybe a modular simulator engine for low end hardware?
im looking for something low enought to run on a netbook... i know that gaming is not for a netbook, but come on... a 10 to 5 years old game run smoothly on a computer like this... so... why theres no light and free alternative to a simulator like this one? why is there a limitation on hardware nowadays to make something that was completely possible years ago? i mean, if a gran theft auto 3 like game is possible on very low hardware... why an open source game like vdrift, etc require so much graphic power? i mean, an nvidia or ati card? yes i know, but i think that the way that is heading is not very unix like... i mean, okey, vdrift like open source games can have modules that if loaded, adds to the graphic detail or complexity of the simulation, but that will allow very low hardware to run the things it can withstand... only an idea, hope you like it
10-11-2011, 01:54 PM,
Hi leo2501

Have you tried to run it on a netbook? If not, run with "vdrift -profiling -dumpfps" to get some performance data.

Quote:i mean, an nvidia or ati card?
That is the hardware we've got to test the game. I also run it from time to time on a intel notebook. To make it work on other hardware we need contributors willing to run tests regularly and report issues or bugs.
02-11-2012, 08:23 AM,
I fully agree with the suggestion, though aiming to run the game on a PC with a 800 MHz CPU, 128MB RAM and a 32MB GPU may be unrealistic for Vdrift's engine(Though I heard Torcs can run on that). But can it be made to run on a computer with twice as much RAM and GPU VRAM? I read on the wiki that a 1GHz CPU will suffice, even if it's a hardcore simulation. The game settings let you disable a lot of stuff so there is a possibility. Imagine, a game so scalable that people that have PCs manufactured 10 years apart can play in the same online race. People would flood to play it and contribute to the game.

Off-topic: This being my first post I would like to say hello to everybody.

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