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Repository Naming
10-10-2011, 09:31 AM,
Repository Naming
Hello everyone,

I was just wondering about how to call the stuff one finds under Currently VDrift is the project's and the product's name, but the main product isn't complete without the data and eventual dependencies. Therefore it is irritating to call the project, the source code and the combination of source code and content the same.

Over at Apache they call their 'apache webserver' 'apache/httpd' to make things more clear ( Maybe VDrift could adapt a similar naming scheme and name it's components and tools distinguishable from the project's name.

The dependency repositories could be named VDrift/VDrift-Mac and VDrift/VDrift-Win. The repositories containing the source code and content data could reside under 'VDrift/VDrift-Core' and 'VDrift/VDrift-Data', I suppose.

This scheme could also be used to tell VDrift specific and unspecific tools apart. E.g. name it 'VDrift/VDrift-Torquetracker' if it only works with VDrift and 'VDrift/Torquetracker', if it serves a more general purpose.

PS: I hope, am not saying jehovah by proposing to rename VDrift. ;)

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