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Driving help
11-10-2005, 12:31 AM,
Driving help
I'm completely new to vdrift and need help with driving and drifting tecniques. Currently i am a master of spinning out and doing daughnuts afterwards.Please post information on both normal driving and drifting.i usually use the keyboard because i can't get used to mouse.Thanksand one more thing, is there a simple way to edit car prefences on the mac release? like an .ini file or something like a table. I don't know how to use the counsle well so i don't want to play with the source codes.Thanks, and this is a great game for us mac users
11-10-2005, 01:23 AM,
Driving help
The keyboard is pretty difficult to drive with. I've been meaning to write some kind of drifting how-to but to be honest our car settings are not all what I'd call a perfect drift setup.edit: but to be fair drifting is basically done thus: enter a turn a little wide, pull in towards the inside of the turn until you start to get some oversteer, then hit the gas to send the rear end sliding around. steer in the opposite direction of the turn to keep the car moving. finally (and this is the really tricky part), regain traction and straighten the car out. /editAs for editing the cars, each one has a settings file in the directory data/cars/carname/ (where "carname" would be XS, GT, CS etc). Here you see settings for each car. To customize them, you can either edit them in place, or you can use the car settings directory that goes in your home. On Linux this directory is /home/user/.vdrift/carsettings/ and it's similar in the Apple version. simply put a file in this directory which contains the changes you want to make, and the default settings to the car in the data directory will be overwritten by your file. You don't have to include every setting, just the ones you wish to change. For more details see FAQ: How to customize the game data?

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