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Misc-map 1 changes (specular texture)
03-14-2011, 11:21 PM,
Misc-map 1 changes (specular texture)
The meaning of the miscmap1 textures that are used to define the specularity of an object has changed. It used to be that the red channel was shininess. Now, the RGB channels are the specular color and the A channel is the shininess. I've converted all existing miscmap1 files over to the new convention and updated the GL2 and GL3 shaders. Use high alpha channel values to get shiny, plastic-like highlights and medium-low alpha values to get metal highlights. Low alpha values will give you broad specular highlights like on roadways. Adjusting the specular color will change the color of the highlight, and setting it darker will *somewhat* reduce the intensity of the highlight (the intensity of the highlight also depends on the shininess value).

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