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AI Branch
03-04-2011, 04:11 AM,
AI Branch
Hi all!
Thanks to you I've been able to complete "My AI Thesis", and a few days ago I exposed the presentation of the thesis at the commitee with this video: (they liked it a lot!)
Now I'm willing to upload the work on a svn branch (waiting impatiently for the GIT VDrift repo Wink), obviously with the ok of the community. As you can see from the video, the car learned quite well to drive, although this is a sort of a "demo" i.e. a very preliminar approach of what can be done with neuro-evolution (in fact the code isn't that clean...)
I really like VDrift, I want to make it a "hobby" for me and so continue experimenting with AI (but not limiting to it).
Now I'm working in an Augmenting Reality company (a startup actually), Joinpad ( ). The work it's very interesting, and totally a new thing for Italy.
Best regards, and again thank you for creating VDrift Smile

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