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New menu system
05-05-2006, 02:59 AM,
Now multiple joysticks are handled separately in the calibration widget. There's a Wheel widget above the Calibrate widget that allows the user to go to the next joystick, etc. I added the in-game calibration menu and made it accessible. I also fixed a bug in controlgrab causing joystick controls to have their axis numbers set to the joystick number. Another bug fixed is one that caused OK buttons to still be selected after pressing them and then returning to that menu later. Added some missing calibration texture sizes and fixed a bug causing SCons to not install text box textures. All this stuff plus probably some stuff I forgot about is in r997.

Rewriting the GUI todo list last night made me think about some of the items on there. Double-assigned controls will be hard to prevent because I'll have to re-parse the entire controls collection every time a new control is added. Then, if one is found, how would it be resolved? Erase the conflicting control? Don't add the new control? Ask the user? The first two would be confusing because there wouldn't really be a way to report what had happened to the user. The third way is difficult for the same reason, you have to report the conflict to the user and ask for direction. So far there's no part of the gui that allows a dialog box to pop up. Without this all three options would be difficult. I'm going to remove this from the menus todo for now...

Textboxes are a strange mystery...they really do seem like they should work, I can't quite figure out what's wrong. I can't even barely reproduce the I'm going to hold off on that one until later (remove it from menus todo for now).

One thing Matthew_I has a problem with is some of his joystick axes only go up to 255 (instead of 32,000 and something like most). Calibration should take care of this, but calibration is not used in the joystick handling part of the menus, meaning it's somewhat difficult to move around the menus or set controls using these axes (they must be moved very far for the menu to notice them). Making the menu joystick calibration-aware would fix this, I think. I'll try fixing this soon.

So the resulting todo list is very short! It's likely that when this stuff is done we'll do a release. This could be less than a week away...
* replays (record/play)
* text overlay for controlgrab icons
* make menus aware of joystick calibrations
05-05-2006, 07:45 PM,
thelusiv Wrote:It's likely that when this stuff is done we'll do a release. This could be less than a week away...
how big is the chance we might see working lap-times for the new release? am i correct that they have been broken ever since the new track-system?
05-06-2006, 01:56 PM,
I hadn't really planned on it. I'm not really very knowledgeable (yet) about that kinda stuff, Joe knows it much better...unfortunately he is without internet for a while but when he gets back I think he'll be working on lots of those little things. Also, one major focus of the next version is going to be major code cleanups and starting to implement a player profile system along with a more robust game world. During this process we'll take a good long look at lap times and find a good way to record them (one much better than our current method of only remembering one...)
05-07-2006, 07:30 PM,
On second thought, while play testing some of the new cars lately, I noticed several really annoying bugs that I'd really like to see fixed before the next release. Unfortunately they're all things I don't know much about...I'll start a new thread about them
06-07-2006, 02:12 AM,
I have added replay record/play functions to the menus. Please test and tell me if it works OK for you. Ghost car is not set up yet. I am working on improving the spinning car widget, so that the car isn't loaded until the user "settles" on a car.

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