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Nvidia GeForce 2 MX 200, Can it run VDRIFT?
09-12-2010, 12:47 PM,
Nvidia GeForce 2 MX 200, Can it run VDRIFT?

Acording to what is written in Wiki "(...) although you might be able to get by with a Geforce 2" I may be able to run it. Has anyone tried this?

When I'm trying to run the game, a console opens, than dissapears and I get this in stdout.txt:

INFO: Starting VDrift: 2010-09-12-full, Version: , O/S: Windows
INFO: Home directory: C:\Documents and Settings\Gofer_
INFO: Settings file: C:\Documents and Settings\Gofer_\My Documents\My Games\VDrift/VDrift.config (does not exist, will be created)
INFO: Data directory: data
INFO: Log file: C:\Documents and Settings\Gofer_\My Documents\My Games\VDrift/log.txt
INFO: The last VDrift startup was unsuccessful.
      Settings have been set to failsafe defaults.
      Your original VDrift.config file was backed up to VDrift.config.backup
INFO: SDL initialization successful
INFO: SDL video query was successful
INFO: Disabling antialiasing
INFO: Display change was successful: 800x600x16 16z fullscreen=0
INFO: Video card information:
      Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
      Renderer: GeForce2 MX/AGP/SSE2
      Version: 1.5.7
      Maximum texture size: 2048
      Maximum varying floats: 8
      Using GLEW 1.5.4
INFO: Your video card doesn't support framebuffer objects.  Disabling shaders.

stderr.txt is empty.

I'm working on WinXP. I've installed the newest drivers for video card, downloaded windows installer (vdrift-setup-2010-06-30.exe) but also compiled the newest revision of source code on my own. Still crashes the same way.

Any ideas?
09-15-2010, 11:08 PM,
Try NaN's build here:

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