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Lap data
10-25-2005, 12:15 AM,
Lap data
Right now the lap stats VDrift keeps up with is very simple. All the data there is is the fastest lap around a track. It doesn't even know which track this time is from...We need a new track stats system that remembers more stuff and separates out the data for different tracks. I'm not sure exactly what data we should keep up with, but I think the file that remembers it should use the config file format we've been using for other stuff. So it might be something like this:<pre>[ Nurburgring ]best_lap = xxxtop_speed = xxxlast_lap = xxx...</pre>Now there's the issue of keeping up with which car the time and speed and lap was recorded by...or maybe which player...but VDrift doesn't have a notion of players yet. So for now the above three values would be enough to keep up with, and later when we start separating out individual player settings we can add more things. By then hopefully we'll have discussed some things that need to be added...
10-25-2005, 12:44 AM,
Lap data
My intent is that the time trial mode can be ended and the list of best laps displayed (and whether or not you made the top 10 or whatever)... but that can wait, I suppose.

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