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[SOLVED] G25Manage download problem
04-27-2009, 07:23 AM,
[SOLVED] G25Manage download problem

I've tried to download G25Manage but the link says there is a trouble with python.

Can you fix it or just send me the source?

04-27-2009, 10:04 AM,
The source is available here:
04-27-2009, 10:14 AM,
Ohh, LOL. Thanks, It's ok now.

Opera was the problem. It couldn't open the link:

An Exception Has Occurred
Python Traceback

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/thelusiv/software/viewvc-1.0.5/lib/", line 3765, in main
    request = Request(server, cfg)
  File "/home/thelusiv/software/viewvc-1.0.5/lib/", line 115, in __init__
    self.lang_selector = accept.language(hal)
  File "/home/thelusiv/software/viewvc-1.0.5/lib/", line 25, in language
    return _parse(hdr, _LanguageSelector())
  File "/home/thelusiv/software/viewvc-1.0.5/lib/", line 42, in _parse
    raise AcceptParseError()

I've tried it in Firefox, and it works now.

Thank you, and sorry for bothering you about a PEBKAC.

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