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Bullet stuff
02-20-2009, 10:03 PM,
Re: Bullet stuff
thelusiv Wrote:* Since Bullet source is now included in the VDrift build process, why not move the needed files to src/bullet (and include/bullet) and check them into our SVN repository? This would remove the need for the Bullet tarball in the SVN root and the confusion this has occasionally caused. It would simplify the build process further, and as new versions of Bullet are released developers could simply put the new files into src/bullet and "svn ci".

Sure, sounds good. Are you volunteering to do this? :-)

Quote:* Since the new release does not need all the extra Bullet compile directions, can we remove the "old Bullet compile" directions from the Compiling page on the wiki? It is an awful lot of clutter that is irrelevant to the latest release.

How about moving that section into a separate wiki page and putting a link to it on the Compiling page?

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