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Error loading texture file
08-16-2008, 01:18 PM,
I think in that case the problem was that those data files didn't exist because the scons install script didn't actually copy them over.

This is what it looks like when I start up:

BinReloc successfully initialized.
Executable path: /home/joe/code/VDrift-releases/vdrift-08-05-08/build/vdrift
Data dir: /home/joe/code/VDrift-releases/vdrift-08-05-08/data
No data_dir found in VDrift.config, using /home/joe/code/VDrift-releases/vdrift-08-05-08/data
Found config file /home/joe/.vdrift/controls.config.
Found config file /home/joe/.vdrift/VDrift.config.
No data_dir found in VDrift.config, using /home/joe/code/VDrift-releases/vdrift-08-05-08/data
Version of game: development-full
Skin name not found in config file...
Directory /home/joe/code/VDrift-releases/vdrift-08-05-08/data/skins/SConscript/menus does not exist! Skin SConscript not loaded.
Run with -verbose for troubleshooting.
Run with -nosound to disable sound.
Run with -benchmark to play a replay and output benchmark data.
1 joystick(s) found:
    0. Gravis Eliminator AfterShock
Card supports: drawbuf4 auxbuf4 antialiasing anisotropy16 cubemapping shaders multitexturing16(4) texture_rectangle depth_texture shadow framebuffer_objects
Card does not support:
Status: Using GLEW 1.5.0
Fragment shaders enabled
Loaded shader package simple
Loaded shader package full
Loaded shader package full-noshadow
Loaded shader package blurpass
Loaded shader package depthgen
Framebuffer object complete
Framebuffer object complete

My compilation process was simply:
* untar the archive
* cd to the archive
* cd to the bullet-2.66 folder
* ./configure
* jam bulletcollision bulletmath
* cd ..
* scons -j 3
* ran build/vdrift

Is that what you did?

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