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center of gravity?
02-11-2007, 12:22 PM,
FWIW, the center of displacement in a ship is roughly analogous to the roll centers of the front end rear axles and the resultant roll axis. Lateral force makes the car want to rotate about the roll axis.

For clarifaction, the roll axis is different from the axis made by the centroids of the car in the transverse plane.

The big deal for VDrift is to get a valid centroid and polar moment of inertia in the car models. This is why the particles are important. The centroid defines the wheel loadings but the polar moment defines how easily a car can "snap" into or be recovered from understeer and oversteer.

I've been meaning to dig into the VAMOS code to see how RC is derived/faked from the suspension geometry numbers in the .car files. Last time I looked at it I came away with the impression there were some assumptions being made in the RC generation. Haven't had a chance to look at it again.

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