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car components, damage, a new windows build
12-22-2008, 05:27 PM,
sounds, cool!

i was also thinking to give each bracketted item [] the optional fields of: position, mass, and model.

so instead of even making a new field for a model list, you could just define more "particles" with meshes attached. though i'm not sure if arbitrary field options would be that easy to inherit-over.

something like

mass: 15
position: 0.6, -0.2, 0.1
model: mirror(door_left.joe, x)

now, at first glance this sounds un-necessary, and frankly it is

but it opens the way for allot of cool things in the future. with body panels you get easier damage implementations. and it would be very cool if, when in_game_upgrading comes around, and you decide to upgrade to a racing clutch, its position gets highlighted on the car. not that useful outside of edutainment, but pretty slick looking.

well for a clutch it could just use a generic cylinder mesh, shared between all cars, and not drawn unless you're at the hypothetical upgrade screen.

i'm not 100% sure but the mirror code should be to switch the +/- sign of all x coordinates. perhaps instead of defining it like this

model: mirror(door_left.joe, x)

it could be done like this
mirrorx_model: door_left.joe

that way, no tricky parsing of parenthesis

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