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06-08-2007, 04:11 PM,
Re: Options
mpo Wrote:1) force feedback (for the steering wheel)
Yes, but only in Linux, and it probably needs some work. You will need a very recent kernel for it to work.
mpo Wrote:2) different condition like: night, rain, fog or something else..
This is available in the engine but not used in the game.
mpo Wrote:3) Non sequential gearshift (like the real cars)
Actually the game uses a non-sequential shift, we just have sort of "shortcuts" set up to go to the next gear. So when you shift gears it actually disengages the clutch, then shifts to the desired gear, then you also need another control to engage the clutch. To select a single gear, just set the control for that gear (in Options -> Controls -> Assign Controls -> Car Controls -> Transmission -> Gears) and set the same control to engage clutch (the gear will be selected when the button is pressed, the clutch will be engaged when it is released).
mpo Wrote:4) If is possible to use more peripherals in the same time
You can use any combination of input devices (keyboard, mouse, any number of joystick devices) except for different controls. Each control can have any number of settings, except for gas/brake/steering, which can only have one input setting.
mpo Wrote:5) How many points have the collision box of the car?
Four. It's just a rectangular box surrounding the car model. This will probably get better in the future...

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