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Some thoughts of a fresh user...
05-20-2007, 11:08 AM,
Some thoughts of a fresh user...

I downloaded VDrift today. I choosed the full version for windows.

Ouch, DLL missing..

Reading a lot in the forums leaded me to the solution. Downloaded the minimal version and installed over the full version.

Ouch! Graphics error...

A lot of more reading in the forums later the solution: download and install of newdll-package.

Finally, it works!

So the installation of the windows version works very bad...
Possible solution to help others in the future: Repack the install package if a error is detected...

Now I tried to configure my controls for steering after calibrating.


I want to have the right part of the X-axis used to steer right. So I click on the +-icon and then push my joystick to the right. Great, an axis was selected! BUT: the wrong one...

Possible solution: make the algorithm select the axis with the strongest input, not the first with any input detected...

Great, now it it is configured correctly... Lets drive!


You might better have called it a hovercraft simulation... Steering full right but the car continues straight forward.. Brakes are real weak, handbrake doesn't do anything...

Possible solutions:
- adjust brake settings
- adjust tire friction
- maybe more

Another thing:
Driving with an opponent is a nice idea - but one can't watch him driving to learn from him... A button to switch the camera target from the player to the opponent would be very nice..

So my final thoughts:
VDrift contains a lot of work and nice ideas. It is really great! But there still is a lot to do. Please don't stop working on it!
I will try to help by making some changes as far as I am able to..

Thanks for your work!


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