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Joystick help
02-09-2007, 08:28 PM,
In the Subversion repository for the game, we have TCS (traction control), ABS (antilock braking), automatic shifting, as well as something called button delay, all of which combine to make driving with the keyboard or joystick buttons much easier. Also, in the last version as well as in SVN, you can race using the mouse as a control. However it seems you found a solution by editing the controls file by hand. If you also set calibrated=off in VDrift.config, I think it will still use the calibration in-game, but will make the menu much easier to use.

Now on to your joystick calibration. It seems like your joystick is being prevented from covering its full range, or it's off-center. Does the box stop moving even though you continue moving the axis? Or does the calibration cursor start somewhere other than the middle of the white box?

edit: after searching the web for your joystick and seeing that it's not the gamepad type as I expected but a flight-sim style single stick, I wonder, how does this joystick have 4 axes? Is there one axis per direction, rather than one for left/right and one for up/down? If this is the case I think I can devise a way to fix this...I'll see what I can do.

I know why your joystick causes erratic movement in the menus. The menu joystick movement code does not yet take the calibration data into account. So when your joystick is at rest, which means it's probably around -0.4 or something, the menu thinks you moved the axis 40% to the left, indicating that you are moving it when you're really not. This also explains why it thinks you're moving axes you're really not, in the assign controls menu.

I'll see what I can do to get both of these portions of the GUI to account for calibration. In the mean time, if you're running Linux, one thing you could do is run the program jscalibrator, which will calibrate your joystick external to the game, and VDrift will see the proper values.

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