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Hi, I'm new here and
12-28-2006, 12:01 AM,
Hi, I'm new here and
I like to present myself Smile

I'm 43 years old, not a programmer, not a mathematics teacher, just a simracer addicted, being part of RSC community, facing simulators like LFS as a sport.

I'm here to help with suggestion, being able to work as beta-tester if needed.

I'm really new at this community, so excuse for something I missed.

I just dl the game and installed it and I really like what I saw.

A lot of improvements are to be done yet, it is a fact, but I was really surprised with I found out here.

I read that this is a Drit game, what would be a waste of talent. If this code can do a real simulation (I have not sure yet), to give it the only drift direction would be big mistake.

But, ok, I'm new here, I'd like to meet the others, and that is done. See you all later.

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