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AI Driver separate thread?
11-27-2006, 11:52 AM,
Well which track are you using and what are you running in the background? I have about the same system as rookie1. Athlon XP 2600+ overclocked a little, Nvidia TI4200. On Jarama with a robot I get decent framerates ( > 20 fps) all the way around, however on Kyalami with a robot things get sorta slow on the long straights when many objects are visible (but speed up in more enclosed areas of the track). Also what resolution do you play at, and what other display settings are you using? If you like just post the display section of your VDrift.config in a code block.

Also, while VDrift could be adapted to use multiple threads, I've done threaded programming before and there are several problems. For one, VDrift has a lot of shared resources that would be a problem to use properly while protecting them from race conditions. This would cause a lot of problems and would not be trivial to fix. Second, only a few developers have access to multiple CPU machines to test this with. Third, the locking mechanisms necessary to prevent abuse of shared resources would hurt performance much more than the gain provided by the second thread running on another CPU.

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